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Are You Playing the Blame Game?

It’s an ancient game. The very first man and woman played it with skill. It’s the blame game. And if you’re honest, you’ve played it a time or two yourself. I know I have. Just the other day I was late getting out the door to Bible study. I squeezed a ...

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Ditch the Complainer’s Club: It’s Easier than You Think

Two words. The verse is just two words long, yet it packs a powerful punch. Rejoice evermore. 1 Thessalonians 5:16 I have to be honest – sometimes the way I react to things would leave you wondering if there was an ounce of joy in me. When the dryer refuses to do its ...

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Hope: A Key Ingredient

Life is hard. From health problems and relationship issues, to the devastation of natural disasters - the cares of life can seem overwhelming. It’s easy to let fear take over. Fear is a crippling enemy, with the ability to rob me of peace (click to tweet). When my mind begins playing ...

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