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Benefits Worth Remembering

Today I have the privilege of contributing to A Call to Praise Blog Hop. A number of writers are journeying through Psalm 103, mining gems that are sure to encourage you! Won't you join me today as I unpack today's jewel: Psalm 103:2? There’s an old hymn that encourages us to ...

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Knowing When It’s Time to Take a Break

February marks 5 years of blogging. It’s hard to believe. At times it’s been a real challenge, but for the most part I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. With a Bible study in the editing stage and a second children’s book waiting in the wings, I’ve decided to step away from blogging for ...

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How’s Your Clay?

Have you ever watched a potter at work? I remember walking into a gallery in Dahlonega, Georgia where an artisan was shaping a lump of clay into a vase to be sold in his shop. As the wheel spun, his hands carefully guided and shaped the moist mass. The clay was ...

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