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Building Your Kids

I guess you could say I’ve loved reading since I was young. My Mom was instrumental in introducing my brother and me to quality books like “Green Eggs & Ham,” and “Aesop’s Fables.” Reading would paint colorful pictures in my mind and whisk me off to magical places where animals could ...

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T-Minus 7 and Counting!

The final countdown has begun. Only 7 days until the launch of my children's book, Louie's BIG day! Mixed emotions There are a wide range of emotions coursing through me: excitement, anticipation, joy, doubt, and fear. I'm excited to release a project I've worked on for a long time. The reviews I've ...

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What’s in Your Freezer?

It was full. Nothing else could fit in the freezer. It had been a while since I cleaned it out. I went through the items one by one; embarrassed to admit half the contents were unrecognizable and another large percentage had passed their expiration dates years before. By the time ...

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