Outrageously Fruitful

Society’s message is clear: live for yourself. God’s message is revolutionary: live for Him and others. This sounds radical, right? We all want love, joy, and peace to saturate our lives. But the Holy Spirit’s plan begs us to look beyond. . .


God Speaking

God Speaking is a series of ten, short, devotions containing important lessons God taught me through the everyday things of life. I’ll let you in on a wonderful secret: the same loving God is pursuing you!


Louie’s BIG day!

The first in the Louie the Lawnmower children’s series, Louie’s BIG day! features a bright red lawnmower who used to live at the hardware store with his friends. Now he’s on his own and it’s time to find out if he can do the job he was made to do. 

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Louie & the Leaf Pile

In this all-new adventure, leaves are beginning to fall and Louie wants to be a hero. He comes up with a plan to tackle a mountain of autumn leaves. But in his desire for recognition, he forgets a very important component.


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