Louie & the Leaf Pile


Louie the Lawnmower and his friends are back! In this all-new adventure, leaves are beginning to fall and Louie wants to be a hero. He comes up with a plan to tackle a mountain of autumn leaves. But in his desire for recognition, he forgets a very important component.

Pride is something we all deal with – kids included. Louie shares a fantastic lesson on this topic in his new action-adventure.

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What People Are Saying About This Book

“I read the first Louie the Lawnmower book and couldn’t wait to see what further adventures Louie would share. While I don’t have any little ones, I found Louie & the Leaf Pile totally charming and wouldn’t hesitate a moment to give it for a gift.
 Louie discovers he can’t always be the hero. His friends help him out when he gets into trouble, and then they each do their part to get the job done. The questions in the back give anyone reading to a youngster lots of ideas for discussion. Colorful illustrations would delight kids of any age (even if they’re young at heart like me). Bravo! Great job, Ms. Morgan. I hope there will be many more Louie the Lawnmower books coming out.”Susan J. Reinhardt - (Author)
“Even better than the first one! Louie isn’t your regular lawn mower. He wants to come up with a solution but he’s considerate of those around him. But the problem comes when his solution creates a bigger problem. This is an adorable book that will get your young ones thinking of the values that are important in life. Problem solving, being sensitive to others, and recognizing we need others. You’ll love the vibrant illustrations you fell in love with in the first book in this series. The questions at the end will give your little ones something to think about. I highly recommend this book.”Anne Peterson - (Author, Poet, Speaker)
Louie & the Leaf Pile is a beautifully illustrated story with a message about teamwork, humility and friendship. This book, just in time for the season, will be read many times throughout the year and various seasons to demonstrate how cooperative work and play benefits everyone.”Linda O'Connell - (Amazon Customer)

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