Outrageously Fruitful


Society’s message is clear: live for yourself. God’s message is revolutionary: live for Him and others. This sounds radical, right? We all want love, joy, and peace to saturate our lives. But the Holy Spirit’s plan begs us to look beyond our own little world and see His bigger picture. So how do we win the battle against selfishness? Outrageously Fruitful addresses this question and more. This 10-week study is made up of a series of brief daily lessons that encourage an honest look at current behavior and provide a biblical foundation to rekindle faith and put it into action.

Maria I. Morgan explores the characteristics the Spirit longs to cultivate within us. A fresh perspective is given of each characteristic, disarming some of today’s popular misconceptions:

*Love is a feeling
*Circumstances determine joy
*Absence of conflict is the key to peace
*Why be long suffering? Take the easy way out
*Meekness is the same thing as weakness
*Temperance is outdated: if it feels good do it

Let go and let God make your life outrageously fruitful!

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What People Are Saying About This Book

“I found Outrageously Fruitful to be enjoyable, insightful and practical. The author captivates her audience with her personal testimony of real life experiences, while intertwining scripture with Biblical examples. I highly recommend this study for all those who want to grow in their relationship with the Lord.”
Terri Grover - (Pastor’s wife)
Outrageously Fruitful is a wonderful Bible study to do with a group or on your own. I highly recommend this study! I have been leading women’s Bible study groups for many years and am looking forward to doing this one this year!”Darlene King - (Office Manager)
“Excellent, well written, and insightful. You will learn, grow, and be encouraged by this study. I recommend this for both individuals and groups. Dive deep, and become outrageously fruitful.”Michelle Discavage - (Writer)

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