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God Speaking


God Speaking is a series of ten, short, devotions containing important lessons God taught me through the everyday things of life. I’ll let you in on a wonderful secret: the same loving God is pursuing you!

My hope is for you to realize God longs for a vital relationship with you. Communication is a key component in any relationship, and it’s no different with God. He speaks through His book, the Bible, inviting us to listen and act on what we’ve heard.

We’re encouraged to share everything with Him, knowing that He hears us.
I trust this little e-book will challenge you to pursue a deeper relationship with the One who made you. I have no doubt God will show up in the ordinary things in your life if you’re looking for Him!

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What People Are Saying About This Book

“Honest and compelling. Whether you’re struggling with anger, rejection, or your faith, Maria has a way of taking her words and personalizing them just for you.”Sundi Jo Graham - (Author, Speaker & Founder of Esther's House of Redemption)

“I could not stop reading God Speaking. Like gourmet chocolate, I savored each chapter. In fact, the content is so rich that I’m going to read it again. A chapter a day with journal in hand, seeking Him. Be prepared to envision yourself sitting across from Maria, savoring coffee, as she masterfully brings scripture to life. From encounters with nail polish stains, camping, and ice cream, she draws you gently into God’s Truth and directs you to life applications. You will find your perceptions of life challenged while your soul is uplifted. An engaging and delightful read that will bring you closer into His presence.”Jennifer Humble - (Writer)

“Maria experiences those frustrating moments that are common to all of us, but she has a gift for applying the magnifying glass of Scripture to bring into focus truths about herself. Devastatingly honest, she sifts the tattletale minutes of her day that most of us sweep under the rug because we would rather forget what we saw in ourselves. Never once does she imply, ‘Hey, you have this problem, too.’ Instead, she humbly shares what she’s learned at the feet of her Master, and we are the better for her transparency.”Stephanie Reed - (Author)

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